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Pier Park Disc Golf Course
Pier Park Hole 4

Pier Park Disc Golf Course
N. Lombard St & Bruce Ave
Portland, OR 97203

Established in 2003 Pier Park is one of the most beautiful and challenging disc golf parks in the Pacific NW. Nestled in the St. Johns part of North Portland, Pier Park's equipment consists of 18 Mach II baskets and CEMENT Tee Pads as of 3/27/07. Additional chains were added to baskets as of spring 2008. Alcohol is prohibited in the park and dogs require leashes.

Please pack out your trash and recycle your recyclables!

Click here for Portland Parks & Recreation's official webpage and historical description.



Pier Park has everything you ever dreamed of in a disc golf park. Downhill elevation, uphill elevation, tight technical gaps and breathtaking scenic beauty. Long holes, short holes, oh, I almost forgot, lots and lots of big Doug Fir trees to break in your bag and break down
your score.

A lack of blackberry bushes and natural water makes this a very beginner friendly course. Pier Park is a very difficult course to lose discs. Pier Park plays as a par 3 course and any score below par is exceptional.

Being that Pier Park is the closest disc golf course to the Portland Metro area, it is rapidly becoming one of the more crowded courses during peak hours. Beginners please excercise proper disc golf ettiquitte and allow smaller groups to play through larger groups.

Directions and how to get there:

From I-5 South: Take the Lombard West exit and travel for 4.5 miles going West on N. Lombard. You will pass through historic St. Johns, stay to the right and continue on Lombard until you get to Bruce St. There is a Toyota complex on the left side of Lombard just before Bruce St. and if you pass the Portland Tri-Met bus terminal on the right, you've gone too far. Take a Right on Bruce and continue down past the skate park towards the rotunda.

Directions and how to get there:

From I-5 North: Take the Columbia Blvd exit and go West or Right on Columbia Blvd for 4 miles. Take a left on N. Burgard Rd., and it will wind back going East and gradually N. Burgard Rd becomes N. Lombard. Heading East on Lombard look for Bruce St. just after the Tri-Met bus terminal and take another left. Continue down past the skate park towards the rotunda.


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June 21 & 22 2008 is the Rose City Open. OR Series #3 PDGA B Tier Disc Golf Tournament.

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